April 23, 2010

Two releases in less than a week? What is the world coming to, really? It’s a new chapter of one of my favorite series, though, so I guess it’s worth it. Please do enjoy the second installment of the oh-so-adorable (and enthusiastically punctuated) My Hero!


“C” is for “Chaos”!

April 20, 2010

Hello, all! It’s been a while. My sincerest apologies for that–your already scatterbrained admin has been steamrolled by the time-sucking event called “a semester in graduate school.” We do have a few releases today, which are courtesy of the wonderful staff that has yet to bail on me despite my total lack of organization over the last few months. *guilty*

So yes, the letter of the day is “C.” What else does it stand for? Caffeine, of course, which is obviously chapter 14 of Coffee Time. And also for “carp banners,” otherwise known as chapter 8 of Love So Life. Enjoy!

And just as a general status update tacked onto a release post… We’re still here. Nothing is officially dropped yet, at least not until I can get everything together and assess where it’s all at in a few weeks, which is when summer vacation starts. And before dropping any series that isn’t already being worked on by another team, I’ll be sure to make a post asking for people interested in joining just to work on those projects. So don’t panic. 🙂

Cute x2(x2)

February 21, 2010

There are days when, I must admit, I fear for the safety of the adorable twins of Love So Life. Not just because of the fangirls, but because there have to be random crazies out there who would love to kidnap the cutest kids ever in the cutest animal outfits ever. Or maybe those two groups of people are the same? 😛 We also have a new series starting today called My Hero, which is also adorable and happy. No need for angst and drama when you can have this much fluff!

Love So Life Chapter 7 — Twins + guinea pigs = adorability
My Hero! Chapter 1 — I knew about foot fetishes, sure, but I hadn’t heard of that before!